Reconnecting Opportunity Youth:
A Public Health Priority

Reconnecting Opportunity Youth: A Public Health Priority proposes a federal policy agenda to expand opportunities and support systems for youth disconnected from school and work. Led by the American Public Health Association and the Bloomberg American Health Initiative at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with the support of organizations working in and in partnership with the public health field, this agenda brings together recommendations across sectors to simultaneously address the immediate needs of opportunity youth and the upstream determinants to disconnection.

Endorsement is an indication of solidarity among this coalition and a recognition of the urgency of these policies. Endorsement does not necessarily mean that organizations have expertise on or are actively working towards each policy recommendation listed in the opportunity youth federal policy agenda.

Universal Access to Quality Early Childhood Education

Comprehensive Sex Education and Reproductive Care for All Youth

Equitable and Restorative Approaches to Justice in and Out of School

Policies, Systems, and Structures Supporting Youth Transition

Consistent—and Expanded—Access to Comprehensive Support Services

Data Collection Around the Pathways to and Predictors of Disconnect